The World in Books.

Reading a well-written story, be it be a short story or a novel, transports into another world. That world seems to be more real, more conceivable and much more comprehensible than the real world.
 This world is always there, the same way you left it the last time, the same way you imagined it the last time. It just waits for you to come back to it as and when you please to.
There is a deep understanding about the mechanism of this world which you probably cannot enunciate but can feel every bit of it. You rarely have to ask a “why” for an event or a thought. Everything seems to just fit in and seems to be in the most logical sequence.
It can drown you and yet you would have lived more in it than outside it.

( Experience drawn from The Fountainhead, The Atlas Shrugged and a few of other books which made a great story)


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