Notes to self – "Chasing Happiness"

Some quick pointers to keep in mind when you really want to be happy. Happiness is a perception which can be as real or as deceptive you want it to be. It all boils down to the matter of choices. Choices that will make you happy. Choice of being happy. 

1) Happiness is not achieved by just day-dreaming about it. It requires the will to be happy. Creating the state of happiness doesn’t come off easy or naturally in the very first trial. It has to be earned and anything with value that demands to be earned, also demands effort, hard work and thought. Whether its just reading a book or a major lifestyle change, it takes will. Chase it. Its not that hard. Its not that far.
    2) Do not lie to yourself. Do not pretend to be happy or that things are fine. Do not go with the flow and act like a leaf in the wind. A is A and have the courage and wisdom to accept it and then the courage and will to change it. 
      3)Self-pity makes you comfortable with your misery. And once you are comfortable with your misery you will never get out of it.
        4) If you ever need a helping hand, there is one at the end of your arm.” So is the mind and the heart and the listening ear. Whatever you need to solve your problem, it is within you. If you have already thought about it hard and have not found a solution yet, think HARDER! Tinker with it or leave it alone for some time. You will find your way one way or the other.The world can do just so much. After a certain point, It will be a waste of your time and others trying to paste your problems everywhere and trying to find the solutions outside of you. Look inside! Its there…right there! Sooner you accept and learn, the better.
          5) Learn the lessons that life hands out to you and move on. Don’t dwell and don’t live in the past. It is not worth it.


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