The Pleasure of Morning Breakfast

A peaceful, healthy and tasty breakfast – one of the simple pleasures of  life. Imagine not being in a rush to get to anywhere/anything and having a substantial amount of time in the morning to savor that toast, sipping that tea while enjoying the flavor, digging your fork into a nicely done egg and connecting with your loved ones.

In my opinion, this is a fabulous start to the day! And I believe that a perfect start goes a long way. It’s the first step for a more productive, more calmer and a happier you. It is amazing to see how life’s simplest of things provide the most deepest of feelings and meanings. It is like going back to the basics of existence.

And yet, we seem to be so far away from them. We would have millions of reasons and excuses for not being able to enjoy life. Enjoy in the true sense. Not with meaningless parties, not with chatter that does not matter (that rhymed!), not with watching (absolutely-detestable) reality TV shows. But actually connecting back with your self and the simplest of things you once had time for. Stepping on a crunchy leaf, smell of the wet ground, reading a book over a cup of hot coffee, spending quality time with the closest of your friends and family, watching sunrise and sunset, making out animal shapes in the clouds, staring at the night sky, listening to the waves at the beach, smelling flowers on your way, breathing in the fresh morning air and feeling like you are here to really LIVE.

Do we forget how to enjoy these things as we get more and more engrossed with “life” ? It feels like these things had never existed in our realm. They seem to be like a distant memory and an almost disconnected feeling. It just remains as something-I-would-like-to-do-again but never gets its chance.  It is usually too late when people discover what did they miss while trying to live a life. Ironically, its life itself!

Little bit of time management can work wonders in bringing life back to life. Just pick one simple pleasure per day to really feel and enjoy, the one that brings back the child in you and you would never feel that your life went by a jiffy.

Of course, everyone can define and have their own meaning of life and their own set of things that actually give them pleasure. It is just about rediscovering and reconnecting. Before it is too late!


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