How Prayers Change

I pray. Seldom. But I do. Today, my prayers caught my attention and left me wondering, what was I praying for a year ago from now? Five years ago? Ten years ago? What was my first prayer?

I could see how dramatically my prayers have changed over the years. I have seen them of various lengths and even more varied in what I was asking for. Wide elaborate list of things that I “want” to just simple Thank You’s to one-liners to even anger or resignation at times to pure silence. I have seen them changing in the meaning they hold for me. Prayers could totally reflect the growth of the person, the situations he/she is in and the way he/she is handling them. I wonder what is it that people ask for from the superior power and with what expectation? I think the baseline is happiness in some form but the way it is wanted is unique for each person. Are prayers the first step or the last? Do you pray when you have tried everything else and are just left with the option of prayers? Or do you begin with prayers hoping everything will go smoothly? Do you pray only when you are in a mess or do you pray all the time irrespective of the situation? How many times have you asked for something for someone else without any of your personal gain, sometimes even if it means you will lose? Do such prayers exist? Do prayers signify strength or weakness?

Sometimes, prayers are soothing. I believe, not because a divine power just showered a river of calmness upon you, but because you could focus on your inner self and realize what it is that you want or feel. And that inner-connection, even if for couple of minutes, brings a sense of warmth and peace. I feel prayers could be a way to understand your own self. After all, they are your own reflections. It could almost be like meditation, but instead of staying still in thoughts, you are focussing on your thoughts. An opportunity for introspection, connections and to be just yourself and talk to your own self through a medium we may call God or Divine Power. I agree that there are other ways to achieve the same end. Prayers could be one of them if they are used as a bridge from you to back to you.

Coming back to the changes, I wonder what will I be praying for ten years from now? Would I be praying at all? Lets see how it goes!

[I hope it is understood by now that by prayers I do not mean religious offerings and elaborate procedures. I just mean words. Words between you and anything/anyone you believe in. Or maybe there doesn’t have to be a receiver at the other end!]






One thought on “How Prayers Change

  1. You are IN now ))) the first step is letting ourselves out, second step is gaining knowledge and leaving that knowledge at the same time, and move ahead without possessing that knowledge. Final stage is where no book works, no master works, nothing works .. you are the only friend of yourself, and it’s a true test of oneself, if you enjoy yourself alone, without being with the one whom you love most … then that means you are progressing .. the best meditation is sitting in a room .. alone .. no phone . no internet. no work . nothing .. no thoughts )))) ..

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