Review – The Obvious Game

The Obvious GameThe Obvious Game by Rita Arens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Honestly I thought it was going to be just another YA novel, but I was so wrong! The Obvious Game is intense! It is beautifully written with believable characters – a story of despair, hope, pain and courage. I felt the author has a knack of knowing how much to explore each emotion, when to write and express a little more and when to hold back. I would say it was quite an emotional writing, almost on the verge of being dark and scary but also bringing in hope and light.

Diana seemed like the usual shy teenager with a popular friend. And the usual stuff about how a new good looking guy would still fall for her instead of going after the hot chick that every other guy is after. But her transition to almost being emotionally damaged and helpless was something that felt too real. With such powerful writing, I could totally feel the agony and pain Diana must have been feeling and how emotionally hard it could be to handle such situations. I could really understand the reasons behind her seemingly irrational behavior, what the fear of losing a parent could do to a kid, what peer pressure could make a person out to be and how a low self esteem could destroy a perfectly fine person. Kudos to the author for bringing out the psychology so vividly. While I was reading about what Diana was doing to herself, I couldn’t stop myself from saying “Someone please help this kid!!” every now and then. I was feeling sorry for her but still rooting for her to emerge as a winner. It was very relieving to see Diana successfully fighting her demons.

The plot was pretty good and different. I also loved the parts with Diana and her mom. Those were the most touching and a good indicator of how much we need our mothers! Much more than we can even imagine! No matter what our age is, how far away we are, how close we are.

This is not a romantic light read. This calls for complete involvement of your mind and heart. This book will leave you thinking and in my case a little drained, but in a good way.

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