What I Love…

…About Myself!

I wrote this a few yeas ago, during one of my ecstatic moods. Now when I read it, it almost sounds narcissistic (and childish) to me 🙂 But nevertheless, once in a while, when I find myself surrounded by too many questions and feel like I am losing it,  these lines serve as a reminder that I was/am this girl who takes joy in the simplest pleasures of life! Smallest of the things can make you feel alive in a big way. So cheer up and get back to your dreamworld! 😀

I love my coffee.
I love my morning cup of tea.
And I love my French omlette.
I love  how leaves falling on me from a tree can make me smile.
I love when I sing to myself and can feel that zing in my feet.
I love the glint in my eyes and the chirpiness on my face when I see a squirrel playing around.
I love when I do a litle mischief of my own.
I love when I write and I know that this is solely for me, as I’m at my truest self.
I love when I sketch.
I love when I gaze at the night sky and into the stars and feel like I wanna fly. And when I talk to the moon.
I love my eyes when they do the talking and I love my smile.
I love when I say “I’m so cute!”.
(After much thought on whether I should post this or not, I went ahead anyway :D)

4 thoughts on “What I Love…

  1. I don;t think it’s childish! Be proud of what you love about yourself 🙂 High self-esteem is better than none at all lol.

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