When To Stop.

Sometimes we overdo things. Intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes even with the best interests in our hearts, it is important to realize when to stop. Some of the things that (according to me and NOT in that order) fall under this category:

1) When you are giving advice.

2) Giving detailed instructions.

3) Lying about something.

4) Gossipping.

5) Crying.

6) Being in that place in your life when it seems you have no control over it and all you do is either bitch about it or feel depressed.

7) When it is not fun anymore.

8) When you have tried enough and it is still not working.

9) Talking about mindless things.

10) Talking on one topic for too long.

11) Fighting.

12) When you are caught up in the ‘overs’  – Over-thinking, Over-protecting, over-doing, over-eating, over-indulging, over-estimating, over-planning. You get the drift.

13) Wasting time and life.

14) Punishing.

15) Procrastinating.

16) Underestimating.

17) Abusing or getting abused.

18) Fearing.

19) Regretting.

20) Keeping silent esp over things important to you.

If you find yourself stuck in such patterns, take a break. Pull your mind away from it and analyze. Some things are trivial and some are life-changing. In either case, learn to stop yourself from doing what you are doing and take some time to think. Once you stop, you can decide whether you want to pick it back again or change your course or take some action. But it is important that you stop!


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