Review: The Awakening and The Struggle

The Awakening and The Struggle
The Awakening and The Struggle by L.J. Smith

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I am a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries TV show on CW. So obviously, I had great expectations from the books. But just 3 pages into it, I realized this is completely different from the show. Right from the characters and settings to the plot. Took me a while to stop the incessant comparisons in my head and constantly saying to myself ” But the TV show is so much better!”.

Anyway, I moved on. Tried to read it as a new story. Even then, the characters didn’t make much sense. Elena is “Queen of the school” (*rolling eyes*) who is obsessed with Stefan and how weak he is without his Powers, Stefan is handsome mysterious vampire who falls in love with Elena, Damon is another handsome mysterious evil vampire, is Stefan’s brother and obsessed with Elena (god knows why!) Then there are usual friends of the queen bee and there is a barely existing plot.

Some sub-plots were interesting and chemistry between Damon and Elena was well-written. But sometimes it lacked clarity. It was getting boring to read over and over again how Elena was so used to be admired by everybody at school and gets what(read: guys) she wants, and how Stefan is so weak and needs his Powers to not get killed by Damon. I was surprised that one of the climaxes of this part was to prevent Caroline from reading out Elena’s diary! I mean, C’mon!!

I really really wanted to like this book. But I just couldn’t.

Although, I am still going to read the next book partly because I already have it 🙂 and partly because I am still hoping the storyline and the characters will pick up.

Overall, I would recommend the TV show more than the book.

(Trivia time! – the word “Vampire” is mentioned just once in the entire book. :D)

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