Monologues And Quotes By Kurt Cobain – Part 2

kc1Monologues And Quotes By Kurt Cobain – Part 1 is here.

  • The finest day I ever had was when tomorrow never came.
  • I am bad at what I do best.
  • You said that I remind you of yourself tomorrow.
  • And I swear that I don’t have a gun.
  • Thanks to un-encouraging parents everywhere for giving their children the will to show them up and to the white macho american male for reminding the small percent who are capable of recognizing injustice to fight you and earn from your sick sadistic  institutional ways. May you rot in the very reason you even bother to stay alive for.
  • Have you ever had a day when you were going to find a job then it was already two o’clock, so you just blew it off?
  • Yeah I know I am confused uneducated walking cliche but I don’t need to be inspired any longer, just supported.
  • I can’t wait to be back at home (wherever that is) in bed, neurotic and malnourished and complaining how the weather sucks and its whole reason for my misery. I miss you Bikini Kill. I totally love you.
  • No talent is fully organic. Yet the obviously superior talented have not only control of study but that extra special little gift at birth-fueled by passion. A built in, totally spiritual, unexplainable new age, fucking, cosmic energy busting love for passion. And yes, they are even small percent among the small percent. And they are special!
  • No matter what level of intelligence one is on, we all question love and lack of love and fear of love.
  • Its good to question authority and to fight it just to make things a bit less boring but I’ve always reverted back to the conclusion that man is not redeemable and words that don’t necessarily have their expected meanings can be used descriptively in a sentence as art.
  • And this little pit-stop we call life, that we so seriously worry about is nothing but a small over the weekend jail sentence compared to what will come with death.
  • Life isn’t nearly as sacred as the appreciation of passion.
  • It’s hard to decipher the difference between a sincere entertainer and an honest swindler.
  • If you think everything has been said and done then how come nothing has been solved and resolved?
  • After all the hype and ogling over us this past year, I’ve come to two conclusions: 1) We’ve made a better commercial record than Poison. 2) There are quadruple the amount of bad Rock journalists than there are bad rock bands.
  • I am not gay although I wish I were, just to piss off homophobes.
  • I wish there was someone I could ask for advice. Someone who wouldn’t make me feel like a creep for spilling my guts and trying to explain all the insecurities that have plagued me for oh, about 25 years now. I wish someone could explain to me why exactly I have no desire to learn anymore. Why I used to have so much energy and the need to search for miles and weeks for anything new and different. Excitement. I was once a magnet for attracting new offbeat personalities who would introduce me to music and books of the obscure and I would soak it into my system like a rabid sex crazed junkie, hyperactive mentally retarded toddler who just had the first taste of sugar.
  • I will fight to my death to keep the right to provide for my child. I’ll go out of my way to remind her that I love her more than I love myself, not because it is a father’s duty but because I want to out of love.
  • I’ve never taken sides with you or my mother because while I was growing up I had equal contempt for you both.kc2
  • Birds. Birds are and always have been reincarnated old men with Tourette’s syndrome having somehow managed to dupe the reproductive saga. They fuck each other and tend to their home repairs and children while never missing their true mission to scream at the top of their lungs in horrified hellish rage every morning at day break to warn us all of the truth. They know the truth. Screaming bloody murder all over the world in our ears but sadly we don’t speak bird.
  • The whales respond with their message for us in similar ways, by beaching themselves.
  • Theory is a waste of time.
  • I can’t sing or play or rhyme. I think that’s just fine.
  • I feel compelled to say fuck you, fuck you to those of you who have absolutely no regard for me as a person. You have raped me harder than you’ll ever know. So again I say fuck you although this phrase has totally lost its meaning. FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU.
  • If you die you’re completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I’m not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I’ve got.

[Didn’t come across the last quote in his Journals, but including it here because I liked it :)]


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