What I Love…

…About Myself!

I wrote this a few yeas ago, during one of my ecstatic moods. Now when I read it, it almost sounds narcissistic (and childish) to me šŸ™‚ But nevertheless, once in a while, when I find myself surrounded by too many questions and feel like I am losing it, Ā these lines serve as a reminder that I was/am this girl who takes joy in the simplest pleasures of life! Smallest of the things can make you feel alive in a big way. So cheer up and get back to your dreamworld! šŸ˜€

IĀ loveĀ my coffee.
IĀ loveĀ my morning cup of tea.
AndĀ IĀ loveĀ my French omlette.
IĀ love Ā how leaves falling on me from a tree can make me smile.
IĀ loveĀ whenĀ IĀ sing toĀ myselfĀ and can feel that zing in my feet.
IĀ loveĀ the glint in my eyes and the chirpiness on my face whenĀ IĀ see a squirrel playing around.
IĀ loveĀ whenĀ IĀ do a litle mischief of my own.
IĀ loveĀ whenĀ IĀ write andĀ IĀ know that this is solely for me, asĀ I’m at my truest self.
IĀ loveĀ whenĀ IĀ sketch.
IĀ loveĀ whenĀ IĀ gaze at the night sky and into the stars and feel likeĀ IĀ wanna fly. And whenĀ IĀ talk to the moon.
IĀ loveĀ my eyes when they do the talking andĀ IĀ loveĀ my smile.
IĀ loveĀ whenĀ IĀ say “I’m so cute!”.
(After much thought on whether I should post this or not, I went ahead anyway :D)