Review – Love Unfinished

Love UnfinishedLove Unfinished by Darian Wilk
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**Spoiler Alert**

What drew me towards Love Unfinished was the synopsis on Amazon that mentioned reincarnation! I love reincarnation plots!

The beginning of the story was gripping and I felt really sad and touched by the tragedy. The new story began pretty well and I could understand the plight of Emma trapped in a loveless marriage. But I wished Emma was a little more stronger and could use much more impactful words when replying back to Craig and wasn’t giving up so easily on the arguments when he would threaten her and treat her so badly! Maybe I felt this way because Craig was really really rotten and I couldn’t help feel infuriated and just wished that Emma would kick him in his groin and leave right away! So kudos to the author for bringing out the character of Craig so well that readers would actually hate him!
I also liked how unlike many love stories where the hero and the heroine are powerfully drawn to each other just because he is handsome and she is pretty, here James and Emma are attracted to each other because they had a real connection! In her writing, the author did not allow just the looks and physical appearances of the characters to overshadow the inner connection they felt. The moments they spent together were so beautifully and vividly described that they made me root for the couple all throughout the story.
The unstoppable attraction between them was very well written and I could almost hear romantic music in the background every time James and Emma came together. I wished these scenes wouldn’t just end!

But there were some places where the story brought down my high hopes. I was expecting that the reincarnation plot would be used a little more and not just stop at the initial attraction between the characters and a faint connection they felt with the brooch. I actually expected there would be memories from the past life coming to the characters but maybe that was too much to ask for. There were some loose ends too. Like when James takes out Carol’s picture and thinks that’s why she looked familiar, but to my disappointment this train of thought was never pursued. In one instance, James is panicking and wants to meet Emma asap, but the author never revealed what caused the panic. I couldn’t also digest the fact that Emma was waiting to gather money (of all things!) before she could leave! I mean, C’mon, she didn’t seem to be that incapable of making a decent living and not being able to move on! I couldn’t relate to her fear of being destitute again well enough to justify living in misery than to be poor. In the climax, I was expecting Derek to show up, but instead Craig did. I got a little confused there as to what was the point of hiring Derek if Craig himself comes to kill her! There were some more inconsistencies and places where the plot fell weak. I couldn’t help but notice that almost all the characters seemed to be talking to themselves in whispers. I don’t know why it started bothering me when I kept coming across “murmurs under breath” and had to really push myself to get over it before my OCD kicked in 😀

Overall it was a nice evening read when you want to just enjoy a sweet romantic story, sipping hot tea. The plot is gripping all along the way and I just couldn’t stop reading it! I HAD to know what will happen next. The author did a splendid job with good writing style and characterization.